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One of the most touristic activities in Cuba is to drive around in a vintage car and have a drink. In today's post, we've scaled down the list of fun things to do around Havana, Cuba, with some of our favorite vintage cars. The Old Town of Havana is an excellent starting point for your tour of Havana and the Habana Vieja is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A classic car ride in Havana must be a must for anyone who wants to experience something Havana Cuba.

If you are wondering how to integrate all these places in Havana into your Cuba trip, we have the perfect solution for you. This is the ultimate tour to tick off your list of activities in Cuba And it is the situation that is absolutely necessary everywhere in Cuba - for every free child. One of the best things about visiting the city center is Cuba's free child-friendly activities, whether you're doing things, taking harbor tours or exploring one of Havana's most popular tourist attractions, the Old Town.

This is a great stop on your trip to Cuba, which offers an insight into the history of the revolution and how it has influenced Cuban culture today. If you want to learn more about Cuba's history and its history as a revolutionary country, this is the right place.

The museum houses a huge glass box with the yacht that transported 82 revolutionaries, including Fidel Castro, his wife and 81 other guerrillas, from Mexico to Cuba in November 1956. This is the Gramma Memorial, which is literally the boat on which Fidel Castro, 81 others and the guerrillas arrived in Cuba via Mexico and is one of the most famous landmarks in Cuba's history.

You can pay 1 CUC (Cuban currency) to climb the bell tower and see the frescoes of the cathedral on the altar, which is free in Havana. The Plaza de la Revolucion is a must-see - you should see it on every trip to Havana, where Fidel Castro held many of his political rallies during the revolution in Cuba. It is the other side of this place, and it is the one place we # Ve got a visit That way we can show everyone what Cuba looks like.

One of the best ways to visit Havana is by taking a tour of old Havana, where you will find the oldest and most famous buildings in the city, such as the Plaza de la Revolucion, the Cathedral and the Old Town Hall.

The Cuba Libro bookstore in Havana offers everything you need to know about this page of the Cuban travel industry. If you have little luggage and can only take one book with you, I recommend it as a starting point for your trip to Cuba, especially if you have to start on your journey with Cuba.

Read our guide to why you should visit Havana and be prepared to be surprised on your trip to Cuba. Read our Cuba itinerary to see how to get most things done in Havana in just 3 days. The Havana Hop - a - Hop Bus is a great way to get to all the sights of Havana in one day, even if you have already completed the above 3 tours.

All in all, the University of Havana is a wonderful place to learn all about Cuba. If you are looking for the best beach hotel in Cuba and do not have much time, you should perhaps drive to Varadero in Cuba to reach Playa Ancon. We recommend that you ask the Casa owners in Havana for information and check out the Cuba Baseball website before you do.

If you want to get in touch with the colonial history of the Caribbean, you can visit the best tourist attractions in Trinidad and Cuba. There are many things to do in Cuba during the week, but there are also some cool places to visit, such as the National Museum in Havana and the Museum of Natural History in Cienfuegos. It's one thing to photograph some of Cuba's most famous landmarks But you'll have a hard time seeing them all. This means you have to explore Cuba's capital, and there are a lot of fun things to do in the city of Havana, as well as a number of cool places to visit. But if you wanted to experience Cuba yourself, why not go to Trinidad?

The Camera Obscura in the city of Havana is one of the coolest places to visit in Cuba. The view from Havana is so twisted that you can see everyone on the way, and it is the most impressive building in Havana. To better understand the historical context of modern Cuba, visit the Museo de Revolucion, housed in a former presidential palace in Old Havana, to learn more about the history of Cuba's colonial history.

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