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State-run businesses in Cuba have begun selling food and hygiene items in US dollars as the imported dependent country is under pressure to buy goods from abroad. The Cuban Export - Import Corporation (Cimex) operates stores throughout Havana that sell all kinds of Western products. If the US embargo on Cuba is not lifted, Cubans can buy, ship, take and buy these products at the same time.

This store is one of the best in Cuba to buy perfume and tends to be a very popular store for tourists. Cuba's largest cigar store has been filled with cigars since it opened in February 2010. If you find a particular cigar, you will probably get it here, but if you are looking for the right thing, go to the Cuban authorities - who own cigar shops.

There are many places in Havana where you can buy Cuban cigars, but the nice ones from La Habana Vieja are in Casa del. Cuban cigar shop where you can combine the best of both worlds - cigars and perfume, as well as many other things.

In the Cuban cities there are various craft shops offering woodcarvings and other handicrafts, and there is often live music. There are definitely not the best mojito or daiquiris in Cuba, but there are some cool places to visit. Cuban music, so music lovers will certainly want to look for it when they shop in Cuba.

If you are looking for something to buy, the following 10 stores are perhaps the best in the Cuban capital. If you are buying Cuban-designed clothing and accessories, you should definitely stay at Casa Verano, 18 Calle.

Since opening in Miami in 1971, La Revoltosa has been selling clothing to Cubans on the island. What I love is that all the artisanal products sold here are located in Cuba, incorporate traditional Cuban design and iconic images, and Cuban products are reused.

Some of the best places to stay in Cuba are called casas particulares if you can find them, and there are many of them in Vinales, along with the other top places to visit Cuba. There are fresh fruit that is fun to examine, let alone eat, as well as a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

In Havana, Real Fabrica Tabacos Partagas is a Cuban cigar factory where you can find the real one, and Vinales is the place to go in Cuba to visit the tobacco plantations and watch the artesanal cigars being made. Although most Cuban cigars are of a very high standard, there are a few street vendors selling counterfeit products, although some are very popular in Santiago.

An interesting place would be the historic city of Santiago de Cuba, home to the famous cigar factory Real Fabrica Tabacos Partagas.

Cuban guitar handcrafted and you can find what is sold in one of these Cuban shops, as well as a number of other interesting items such as cigars and other cigars.

Let us start with the undisputed number one souvenir that we should bring from Cuba, the cigar. Cohiba is the most important Cuban cigar brand and a favourite of Fidel Castro if you want to meet him and make a good first impression. In addition to the 10 things a woman should know before visiting Cuba, here is our list of things to buy in Cuba. What else do we want from you in Havana and what do you want from us in Cuba?

Rum, the national tipple, is cheap and readily available, especially in the Havana Club, Santiago de Cuba is the choice of many connoisseurs. Extra Anejo is considered one of the finest Cuban rum and is interspersed with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, vanilla and cinnamon. Rum is also available in a wide range of flavors, from sweet and sour to dark and spicy, black and white.

It is true that Cuban cigars can be expensive, but they are the same cigars sold outside Cuba that are sold in Cuba, with some really good cigars costing 20 to 30 dollars. Just remember that the Cuban peso is pegged to the US dollar, so you get a deal no matter what. If your goods are worth 1,000 Cuban pesos or less, you will be fine.

I would also add that if you would like to travel independently to Cuba, one of the best ways to do so in Cuba may be to take part in a guided tour to relieve the stress of the organization. However, there are so many other sights to see and I will highlight some of my favourite picks I have chosen during my trip to Cuba, especially when I have had little time, bearing in mind that there are so many places within Cuba that I can visit. These are my favourites, but let us hope that relations between Cuba and the United States will improve in the future, so make sure that you support the Cubans on the ground in their travel decisions. Now that you have a good idea of some things you can do and places you will visit, I can give you some advice on how to prepare for your trip.

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