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At Espiritu Travel, we have compiled a list of the most popular Cuban dishes to try when you travel to Cuba. Cuban travel experts help us to design a tailor-made tour that gives you the opportunity to orientate yourself in Cuba, whether you are dining in quirky paladars or cozy host families.

When you travel to Cuba, make sure your guide suggests the best local paladins you can choose from after Cuban food. They have many choices, so we asked the Cuban locals to try some of their favorite dishes - try them. If you are coming from Cuba to a Cuban restaurant, here is a small overview of what you should try.

If you ever have the chance to visit Cuba, don't hesitate to try some of the best Cuban dishes. We hope that this short guide to traditional Cuban cuisine has helped you learn a little about the different cuisines of Cuba and their different dishes. In this sense, you should check out our guide, who offers you to taste as many traditional Cuban dishes as the Cuban cuisine offers.

When visiting the island, you can simply be invited to try some of Cuba's most famous dishes. Cuban dishes that everyone should try when they come to Cuba (meat eaters excepted) are the traditional dishes such as lasagne, ceviche, tacos, pico de gallo, guacamole, chorizo and many more.

Havana Club is the most widely used brand, but Caribbean Club, Siboney and Santiago Cuba are also to be found. Coca Cola (Cuba's equivalent of Tropicola) is found in many places in Cuba, usually from the same sugar brand as in the USA, but also Fanta and Cuban Najita are available.

Cuban food will not disappoint you and traditional Cuban food will always be present. So prepare for a personal trip to Cuba and enjoy a rich and authentic experience that you will have while getting to know the Cuban people. Although Cuba has behaved very well over the years and has offered a lot to its visitors, it is important to remember that Cuba is still a developing country and that there are some things to consider. We believe that there is no better time to visit Cuba now if you are interested in visiting Cuba directly here.

Since Cuba and Key West are surrounded by the sea, it is only natural that seafood is a staple of Cuban cuisine here. Note that seafood in Cuba is fresh and can be overcooked, especially lobster. Another important factor is that Cuba itself is an island and therefore an ideal place for seafood, which has greatly influenced Cuban cuisine.

No traditional Cuban dish is complete without a postre (dessert), and no Cuban would dream of drinking his cafecito (espresso) without the strong sugar lard. Cuban food is firmly anchored in the everyday culture of island life, whether it is a traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a late-night snack. The use of fresh fruit, vegetables and fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes, bananas and oranges is of course at the heart of Cuban culture.

You may know that pork is a staple in the Cuban diet, but there are many different variations of the "Cuban Sandwich," and the one you probably know is very different from the one you will find in Cuba. Most have one thing in common: meat is the most important ingredient, and therefore it is probably the most common type of Cuban sandwich, as well as the main ingredient of many other Cuban dishes. The Cuban food, the medianoche (midnight sandwich), has proved popular over the years, and many a day ends with it.

Cubans love bread, but wheat does not grow well in tropical climates and is mostly imported from the United States, which sells food to Cuba for money. The rationing system introduced in Cuba in the 1960s ensures that Cubans have free access to essential goods. But rations do not fully supply every household, and they cannot provide all the ingredients for a decent meal.

The worst food in Cuba is at the government - restaurants and road connections, although at least some roadside food is ridiculously cheap. If you can get decent Cuban food very cheaply from time to time, it is worth a visit, especially if you are on the road.

Cuba is not exactly known for its cuisine, and although good food can be found in Cuba, it is often only offered as a simple meal, so the choice is limited and repetitive. Food can be bought in the state restaurants, although there are many things not available outside Cuba. A trip to Cuba should be accompanied by the proviso that it is not a destination for food; it is not a country accustomed to backpackers and you cannot buy food there because there is none.

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