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For the sixth year in a row, Metropolitan Park in Havana will host the popular Havana World Music Festival. Afro - Cuban fiesta in honor of one of the most important cultural figures in the world. The Festival of Son is scheduled for Saturday, June 4, from 3 to 6 p.m. at Metropolitans Park.

When the poet Jose Marti returned to Cuba from exile, he arrived at the beach of Las Coloradas with his wife and three children. The navy escorted a convoy of transports to the eastern end of Cuba, and Cervera took his squadron to Havana, where most of the Spanish army was concentrated. Castro chose the beach, taking the route of a major historical figure. The Spanish capital Santiago de Cuba on June 20, arriving from the southern port city of Havana and the northern port of Cienfuegos.

The commander of Cuba, General Ramon Blanco, ordered Cervera to leave Santiago de Cuba, fearing that his squadron would fall into American hands and that he would face the threat of attack by the US Navy and the Cuban Revolutionary Army.

The uprising, the toll it took on US investment in Cuba, and the yellow journalism that exaggerated the atrocities committed by Spain against Cuba, led the US to consider intervention. Cuba's independence, but he was in favor of the annexation of the island by the United States.

The strong Spanish resistance to Cuban freedom was based on the conviction that God had given Spain his land, of which Cuba was a major remaining area of employment, as a reward for the conquest of the Moors. Thousands of loyalist clerics and soldiers emigrated to Cuba, reinforcing and contributing to Cuban loyalty to Spain.

The decree was used to harass dissidents and prevent people from other parts of Cuba from travelling to Havana for the meeting. In an effort to halt the exodus of Cuban-Americans to the US, the two countries reached an agreement that called on Cuba to halt the exodus and call on the United States to take in at least 20,000 Cubans legally each year.

In May 2018, the Cuban Human Rights Commission reported that Cuba had detained 120 political prisoners, including more than 100 political dissidents and a number of human rights activists. The decree of the metropolis allowed the establishment of a political party in Cuba and introduced a new party, Partido Popular de la Revolucion (Party of the Revolution). It was approved by local Cuban revolutionaries, and Marti called for the creation of an independent party with the same name as the Communist Party in Havana.

By refraining from military intervention in Cuba, the people of the United States are not concealing their support for Cuban patriots who want a democratic system independent of Cuba. The Havana regime has made a similar contribution, allowing the Cuban people to determine their own future through democratic processes and to cooperate freely with their Latin American neighbors.

If you could only choose one Cuban festival, the Carnival in Santiago de Cuba would be one not to miss. Havana's Carnival offers a unique blend of music, dance, food and entertainment, as well as entertainment for children and adults.

The main venue for this great event is the National Palace, where Cuban President Fidel Castro and his family live. Big Daddy "will take place on May 1, when more than 100,000 people gather to listen to his annual May Address. The performances take place in the streets of the city and on Havana's main street, the Plaza de los Deportes.

This event is very popular and attracts people from all over the world as well as from other parts of the country, such as the United States. The Cuban Carnival is held every year on the first Saturday in May in the capital Havana. Those who wish to participate in the carnival events must arrive at least two hours before the start of the first procession. This annual event gives you the opportunity to see the costumes, music, food and other attractions.

Owners from other countries are encouraged to bring their bikes to Cuba, and if you participate, you have free entry to one of the caravans in Havana's colonial city. The carvings from Havana to the colonial cities are usually orchestrated by a group of local artists, musicians, dancers and musicians from across the country.

If you have the chance to attend a Cuban festival, don't miss it, you won't miss it! You will see colorful floats and amazing dancers listening to the rousing Afro-Cuban drum music made by some of the most talented musicians, dancers and musicians from all over the country. You will see the inimitable Cuban dancers in action and you will hear world famous Cuban rhythms.

The event also offers amazing photo opportunities across the bay from Havana. Natasha Calzatti will share her experience with the camera in Cuba in an exhibition at the National Museum of Cuban Art in Havana and the Cuban Institute of Photography. This course places the photographic legacy of our Cuban Revolution in the context of its historical and cultural significance. Literary figures from over 50 countries will be present, and Cuba hosts the world's largest collection of literary works by writers, poets and artists.

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