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In this post, I have listed the best things to do in Havana, Cuba in three days, and I hope you will find them helpful when planning your own trip to Havana Cuba. In addition to a better understanding of the actual things you can do during your stay in Cuba and the places you can visit, we also give you advice on how to prepare for your trip.

I would also add that if you would like to travel to Cuba independently, one of the best ways to do so in Cuba may be to take part in a guided tour to relieve yourself of the stress of organizing everything yourself. When I think of the many places in Cuba that you can visit, I will highlight some of my favorite places in Havana, Cuba, when I have little time and where I will go. Nevertheless, there is so much more to see in Havana Cuba than just the three days and many more places. To help you understand where Cuba is going, what good places to visit, we have compiled other travel blogs and a list of our top destinations for Cuba.

If you have less time, you can visit the Playas de Este Varadero, which is very close to Havana, and the city of Havana itself.

In Cienfuegos it is also possible to make an excursion to admire the crystal clear waters and see the amazing coral reefs. As we have said, staying in a casas particulare should be one of the most beautiful things you do in Cuba, no matter where you are in Cuba. There are many of them in Vinales, along with the other top sights in Havana, so think about it. As we have already said with regard to accommodation, staying at the casa particilares should be a nice thing for you, if not the most important thing, then at least the best thing to do with regard to the place of residence.

If you are visiting Cuba to find a beautiful, uninhabited beach, then it makes sense to visit the resort - like the island of Cayo Largo. There is much more to do, as beautiful beaches are one of the reasons why Varadero is the best place to visit Cuba.

There are no possible Cuban destinations where you can enjoy world-class diving, but scuba diving in Cuba is one of the most rewarding activities in Havana. Whether you are an experienced diver or try it for the first time, it is definitely a highly recommended entry in the list of things you can do in Cuba. Live music and performances of all kinds are definitely the most popular and highly recommended entries in the list of things to do - do - do in Cuba.

Did you know that many Cuban cities offer free concerts in public places? If you manage to be in Havana or Santiago de Cuba at the end of July, visit one of the ten most important sights in Cuba. Your trip to Cuba is not incomplete if you visit Old Havana, as you will visit the most beautiful and historic part of the city, the old town of Havana. Old villas and churches are a sight that helps make Havana a world-class destination for tourists and locals alike, and the city is famous for its historic buildings, which are famous for themselves, as well as for its beautiful architecture.

The neoclassical buildings are full of historic buildings, such as the Cathedral of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the National Palace and the Palace of Justice.

It is a charmingly run-down, weathered place to stroll and a particularly historic part of the city. It is also a great place for a walk through the old town, as it is an old, charming and charming, albeit run-down, weather site.

The museum houses a huge glass box containing the yacht that brought 82 revolutionaries from Mexico to Cuba in November 1956, including Fidel Castro and his family, his wife and children. A stroll through the city's history will provide a great opportunity to visit the tombs of some of Cuba's most important revolutionaries, including Fidel, Fidel's father and brother, who are all buried there. Most prominent is the tomb of Jose Marti, the first Cuban-American to be used to transport himself and other revolutionary leaders from Cuba to Mexico.

There is no shortage of beaches and resorts in Cuba, but if you need to behave for more than a week after discovering Cuba, your trip to Cuba must include at least one day on the beach. If you plan a 12-day visit to the island during your stay in Cuba and want to finish your trip in the Cuban Cayos, the best option is a one-day stay in one of the hotels in Havana or on the beach of Havana.

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