Cuba is a Caribbean Island running under the communist rule; tourists mostly visit there to see white beaches, tobacco fields, Spanish architecture and other old stuff which are present in Cuba. The white sand of Cuba Island attracts more tourism on the north coast of the country, although there is no perfect time it is good to visit Cuba during spring it will give you the experience of several new blossoms, entity, atmosphere, and flora.


Places to visit in Cuba


There are various places to visit in Cuba but here we are going to mention 4 best and major tourist attractions.


1. Havana


If you visit Cuba and miss to go Havana then you have not seen anything there or your visit is worthless. Havana is one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba.


2. Vinales


It is a small town in Cuba which is known for its cigar brands and growth of tobacco, this place is beautifully surrounded by mountains.


3. Cienfuegos


This town is enriched with culture, history, and art and is also known as the Pearl of South due to the Bahia de Jagua a beautiful bay of Cienfuegos.


4. Trinidad


It is the historic city of Cuba and must visit place almost similar to Havana.


Best Hotels in Cuba


There are some best places to stay in Cuba which will enhance your travel enjoyment, these places are:


* Hotel Nacional de Cuba: A five-star hotel with 2 outdoor pools.

* Saratoga Havana: A five-star hotel with dining and spa facilities.

* Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad: A five-star hotel with spa and refined lodging including eatables.


Best Restaurants to eat in Cuba


These Restaurants are offering best food service with all type of food items like Italian, contemporary, Chinese etc.


* EI Cocinero Restaurant: In this Restaurant you can enjoy Caribbean, Latin and Cuban food items.

* La Guarida: In this Restaurant you can enjoy Caribbean, International and Latin food items.

* Paladar Dona Eutimia: In this Restaurant you can enjoy Caribbean, Latin and Cuban food items.